TruErase: White board powder coatingsTruErase: White board powder coatings

Economical powder coatings for white board applications.

TCI Powder Coatings has created a powder coating that offers a very economical cost per square foot when compared to high-end white boards and has been tested to dramatically reduce the chance of "ghosting" or "shadowing." Our TruErase product line will give you a great product at a very economically applied cost.

White boards have been around for years and offer great ways to share information to a group, erase, and start over again and again. The issue has typically been cost and performance. High end white eraser boards can cost $25 to $50 per square foot and In some cases approach $100 per square foot. In these cases you are typically getting a porcelain enamel finish. The inexpensive boards use lower performing coatings and/or films and have issues with "ghosting" or "shadowing," which means marker is left on the board for an extended period of time, leaving a residue that can often times never be removed.

Features and Benefits of our White Board Powder Coatings

  • Economical cost per square foot compared to high-end white boards
  • Reduced chance of "ghosting" or "shadowing"

TruErase Products

Product Name Product Code Gloss PCI Smoothness Pencil Hardness
 Crystal Eraser White  8800-92213  80 - 90  7  3-4H

*See Technical Data Sheets for complete technical information.
**TruErase powder coatings should maintain a storage temperature of 75° or less for optimum storage results.
***All lab testing was completed with indelible markers designed to be used with dry erase marker boards.

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