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At TCI we take pride in offering outstanding customer service. If you have any questions concerning our products, would like more product information, or would like to get in touch with a sales representative, please contact us.

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Main Office & Product Development
300 Martin Marietta Drive
Americus, GA 31719
Office Phone: 800-533-9067
Office Fax: 800-265-0404

Product Dev. Phone: 229-937-1248
Product Dev. Fax: 877-250-2579

Manufacturing & Operations Center
PO Box 13
734 Dixon Drive
Ellaville, GA, USA 31806
Phone: 800-533-9067
Fax: 800-265-0404


Baltimore, MD
Chino, CA
Ellaville, GA
El Paso, TX
Fort Smith, AR
Greenfield, IN
Mississauga, ONT
Nixa, MO
Salt Lake City, UT
San Luis Potosi, Mexico