TruZinc: Zinc-rich Powder Coating PrimersTruZinc:  Zinc-rich Powder Coating Primers

Zinc-rich primers to protect ferrous substrates.

TruZinc Primers protect ferrous substrates by two mechanisms. First, they act as a barrier to water and electrolytes increasing the electrical resistance of the corrosion cell. Second, they provide zinc which acts as a sacrificial anode. TCI product 7520-70138 is the first in the TruZinc Primer brand containing TruZinc properties.

TruZinc Primers are manufactured using a unique process developed by TCI that allows us to introduce a significantly greater amount of zinc during the extrusion process. This increase in the zinc content dramatically increases protection of the substrate against corrosion.

TruZinc Primers can be used both as a primer in a multi-coat system or as a single coat system. When used as a primer in a powder topcoat system the primer should be melted or partially cured before top-coating to insure optimum intercoat adhesion.

As a coating based on epoxy technology, TruZinc Primers do not have good gloss retention when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, if appearance stability is required on coated materials, an exterior durable topcoat is required.

Intercoat adhesion testing is highly recommended when applying coatings over cured Zinc rich primer. With each application, testing is recommended to determine the variables influencing coating system performance. Variables can include substrate and pretreatment characteristics, primer and topcoat film thickness, and end usage environments.

Commercial Uses

TCI's TruZinc Primers are the benchmark for corrosion resistance and may be utilized where high performance requirements are demanded. A number of applications TruZinc Primers are ideally suited for include:

  • Coil springs
  • Suspension components
  • Patio furniture
  • Marine environments
  • Control arms
  • Trailer hitches
  • Torsion bars
  • Spring clips
  • Wheel weights
  • Tow Hooks

TruZinc 7520-70138

Attribute Test Method Result
Color Visual Gray
Dry Film Thickness ASTM D 1186-93 2.0 - 6.0 mils
Gloss @ 60° ASTM D 523-94 50 - 60%

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