Powder Coating Primers

Powder coatings are extremely durable, exceptionally resistant to corrosion, and able to withstand exposure to harsh UV rays. Even so, in some circumstances a dual layer is required to achieve optimal corrosion resistance and meet specific appearance requirements. In these cases, you can use a primer base coat for corrosion resistance and a topcoat to improve the aesthetic appearance.

We offer the following primer options for any circumstance in which a layering system is preferred.

7520-70138 TruZinc™ Zinc Rich Primer

TruZinc™ Primer is manufactured using a unique process that allows a significantly greater amount of zinc during the extrusion process. The increase in the zinc content dramatically increases protection of the substrate against corrosion. This primer can be used a as single coat system or as a primer in a multi-coat system. As a coating based on epoxy technology, TruZinc™ Primer does not have good gloss retention when exposed to sunlight. If appearance stability is required on coated materials an exterior durable topcoat is required.

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Benefits:7520-70138 TruZinc Zinc Rich Primer

  • Increased protection of substrate against corrosion
  • Can be used as a single coat system or as a primer in a multi-coat system
  • Topcoats applied over TruZinc™ may be solvent or waterborne coatings
7030-10571-1 Beige Primer II

Beige Primer II is a low gloss epoxy primer formulated to be coated with a liquid enamel topcoat or part of a Tru Guard powder system.


  • Excellent performance over blasted surfaces7030-10571-1 Beige Primer II
  • Fast cure response
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Accepts liquid enamel topcoats
  • Low gloss epoxy
7010-71529 Sam Primer Gray

Sam Primer Gray is a zinc-free epoxy primer “low gloss,” formulated to be coated with liquid or powder topcoats. This primer can be used on steel or aluminum substrates.

Benefits:7010-71529 Sam Primer Gray

  • Steel/aluminum substrates
  • Low gloss epoxy
  • Accepts a variety of topcoats, both liquid and powder
7760-3931 LC Red Oxide Primer

LC Red Oxide Primer is a medium gloss epoxy primer formulated to cure as low as 275°F for 20 minutes. This primer can be coated with liquid topcoats.


  • Fast cure response7760-3931 LC Red Oxide Primer
  • Good film build
  • Good intercoat adhesion with liquid topcoats
  • Good corrosion protection
7820-71737 MIL Spec Primer 53022

The MIL Spec Primer 53022 is a gloss epoxy primer formulated to meet the Federal Standards of MIL-PRF-53022, MIL-32348 CARC powder primer, Type 1, Class 1, Grey 26622, and is on the Qualified Products Database. MIL Spec Primer Grey’s high adhesion strength and low permeability make it an excellent performer as a barrier primer in a primer-topcoat system. However, the unique qualities of a higher level of chemical resistance and a good balance of physical and corrosion resistance properties allow it to be used as a single coat interior system. Testing is recommended with each application to determine the variables that influence the coating system’s performance. Such variables include substrate and pretreatment characteristics, primer and topcoat film thickness, and end use environments.

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Benefits:7820-71737 Mil Spec Primer 53022

  • Good balance of physical and corrosion resistance properties
  • Can be used as a one-coat interior system
  • Excellent adhesion and low permeability
7820-12396 OGF Epoxy Hybrid Primer

The OGF Epoxy Hybrid Primer is designed to minimize film defects caused by porous substrates such as castings.


  • Low curing capabilities
  • Good barrier properties
  • Good balance of physical and resistance properties
  • Good intercoat adhesion with certain liquid topcoats
9720-91950 CNH Black Primer

The CNH Black Primer has been tested and approved at CNH to specification number.


  • CNH tested and approved
  • Barrier primer with an excellent balance of physical and resistance properties
  • Flexible curing capabilities - cure at lower temperatures or shorter dwell times at higher temperatures
  • Good recoat characteristics with powder topcoats and select liquid finishes
    9720-91950 CNH Black Primer
  • Good exterior weathering capabilities and can remain outside for some duration before liquid topcoating

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8510-7833 HH Grey Universal Urethane Primer

HH Grey Urethane Primer is a semi-gloss system designed to achieve quality inter-coat adhesion with a variety of topcoat technologies.


    • Flexibility and impact resistance
    • Standard cure response
    • Good corrosion protection
    • Superior inter-coat adhesion with liquid and powder topcoats
    • Available in black (8210-91232)
    • Also available for use as a single coat with moderate weathering properties


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