The Story

In 2016, the Jeep brand celebrated its 75th anniversary. To commemorate this landmark, the Jeep marketing team rolled out Anniversary Special Edition models of several vehicles. Exclusive details included distinct vehicle colors and trim packages. The specialized bronze-colored trim package along with off-road bumpers were painted and protected with TCI Powder Coatings.

The Coating

The Chrysler textured Smoke Bronze metallic coating is part of TCI’s 9000 powder coating series. The resin system used in the coating is an innovative TGIC polyester with a low gloss metallic finish. Now is your chance to use this specified coating for your Jeep or alternate brand parts.


  • No orange peel
  • Placed in even layers
  • Uniform, smooth pigment
  • Impressive, tough coating
  • 10x stronger than regular car paint


  • Greater off-road protection
  • Texture hides unwanted scratches

To Purchase

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To read the full case study about the 75th anniversary coating color development, click here.