Automotive Powder Coatings

TCI Powder Coatings provide excellent performance for a wide range of applications in the automotive industry, including under hood car components, engine parts, wheels, and exterior trim. We offer coatings with the highest quality and performance, held to the strict quality standards in a variety of colors and finishes, including a wheel powder coating and chrome powder coat in shades that give a metallic or chrome appearance.

Key Features

  • Can be produced in many colors with smooth, bonded metallic or textured appearances
  • Maintains color and gloss with extremely good corrosion resistance
  • Our zinc containing primers, epoxy and FBE coatings offer exceptional protection as a single coat or a primer in a dual layer system

Automotive Approvals

TCI Inc. is a proud supplier to:

GM - TCI automotive approvals  Ford - TCI automotive approvals  Volvo - TCI automotive approvals  Mercedes Benz - TCI automotive approvals   Volkswagen - TCI automotive approvals  BMW - TCI automotive approvals

Honda - TCI automotive approvals    Detroit Diesel - TCI automotive approvals    Nissan - TCI automotive approvals    Freightliner - TCI automotive approvals



Jeep 75th Anniversary Case Study
TruBond Powder Coatings
TruIllusion Powder Coatings
Automotive Industry Approvals

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